Australian Solarmart’s vision is to empower every Australian home and business with solar. With power prices increasing manifolds in the past few years, it is high time to switch to renewable and clean & green source like solar.

Our team consists of professionals backed up with years of experience in this field and similar objective. You will be delighted to see the solutions our sales professionals have to offer. We have a wide range of products that suits your needs and will help in saving on your power bills substantially.

Clean Energy Council has been very active in creating awareness around the same. Several schemes and rebates are being introduced to encourage people to install solar and this has increased the solar footprint across Australia.

We have set high standards to ensure safety, compliance and risk management. Regular internal audits assure complete adherence to ensure, top class service to our end customers. We have been actively installing solar in both residential and commercial spaces. We are happy and contented with our contribution towards achieving the Renewable Energy Target of Australia

The feeling of satisfaction which one gets after installing solar, can only be felt. Being part of this revolution will go a long way for our coming generations. Remember, spending in solar is an investment and not an expenditure.